Monday, October 23, 2006

Stress-management Tools

Apply these Stress-management Tools to your life

These tools help you reduce your stress and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Use them to benefit from them.

Make these tools a part of your life by doing the following:
· Ask yourself this question – Am I getting enough sleep?
Make sure you are, you will feel more energetic and alive. Proper sleep will improve concentration and make you more effective at work.

· Go on regular vacations to keep yourself refreshed and alert. Make sure you make good use of vacation time each year. If you haven’t gone on a vacation in a long time, you could be feeling run-down or depressed. Go ahead and book a nice vacation to relax you. Make sure you don’t carry your cell phone or laptop or anything that is likely to disturb or interrupt your vacation time. Just relax.

· Do something that you enjoy doing; something that helps you relax. Make sure you set aside time for rest during weekdays.

· Give a thought to your intake. Do you smoke, drink alcohol or consume too much caffeine? Do you need to improve your eating habits? If your answer to these questions is yes, please do so.

· Get regular exercise. First do a medical checkup and start with your exercise. You could join a gym or a sports club. Start with a fitness regimen or a sport that you enjoy doing.

· Take care to see that you live and work in pleasant environments and your life is organized well. If you are unhappy, consider moving your job or home.

· Make a list of the stresses you experience currently. Try to locate people in your network who could help you out. Seek their assistance wherever appropriate.

· Socialize with friends and co-workers. If people within your network need help, make appropriate time to assist them.

· Adopt and make time for techniques that you find useful for relaxing such as meditation, imagery and self-hypnosis. If you are currently facing stressful situations, practice your chosen technique everyday.

· Try using a relaxation tape and judge how effective it is for you.

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